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Hello, to everyone whom is reading this information about Merrick Bank Credit Card Company. I been a customer with this bank since 2005.

I do a lot of traveling around the 48 states, and Puerto Rico. Sometimes i'm away for a good while. I had to travel to Puerto Rico for 6 months, and travel back to Florida. While I ways in Puerto Rico, Merrick Bank Decided to close my account, on there own.

Because they said that you can't have this account at all, if you are not using it in the 48 states, So for all you customers, be very carefull. They also got very nasty and cut off your way to pay your bill online. If you gett an inventation for this credit card stay away from them.

A most of all if you were on vacation or a business trip, and counting on using that card you might get stuck some where oversears. They have some bad rating and customer service..

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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1. Do not open an account with this bank. Just like larger banking institutions they rip-off consumers. I just lost my Merrick Bank card due to no fault of my own. As I had an emergency in a community car garage as I was going to a new job interview. I happened to have the said card on my lap when I proceeded to go into an underground parking facility my skiing equipment got stuck and I couldn’t proceed to park. The parking attendant began yelling at me, thus, I had to get out to solve the problem. Well, to no surprise the card must have fell from my lap on to the ground. I just reported my card lost and they charge me 15 dollars. Why? Is there a need to charge when this is something out one’s control under my circumstances. Unwise, reckless, un-human, not consumer friendly bank! No wonder their business formula is not working out for them. This is my first complaint on the web, but, I’m going to make sure that no one falls for the trappings of this bank.


to barbydoll #1015733

If you lose you card or your card was misplaced due to your negligence, which you disclosed, then you are obligated to pay. If the card was damaged by wear and tear over time, then you would not be obligated to pay as per the terms and agreement.


merrick decided to close my account from infomation received from transunion trying to get hold of transunion turning into a search for big foot whoops i mean a real person


I hate to tell you this but I also made the mistake of accepting a Merrick card offer but when I tried to use it for the first time to buy something online well below my limit, it was declined. At first, I didn't understand why until I called customer service and found out that the onlne retailer I tried to buy from was a high risk retailer.

I said how could be a high risk retailer. The reason was was based outside my state. I was told by their security department that I have to clear with them first to authorize any purchases on sites outside my state.

I told them that I do travel and would use it only for emergencies. The issue here is if their security department is only open certain hours Monday-Thursday, otherwise you are dead until you can talk to them.

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