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My account balance showed an open balance amount which payoff of loan should be less than that ..well when the received the payoff they applied the whole check and said paid in full when really i was owed appx 180.00 refund. what a LOUSY company.

I will never do business with them again nor recommend them to ANYONE. They tried to say ": we dont show your payoff lender requested a payoff", but if you account balance is 200 less than what the check was for and the loan was only 2 years into a 12 year loan.

So they totally screwed me out of the extra money paying the loan off. And im not done with them yet {{Redacted}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Merrick Bank Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Yes, when you paid it off it shows "paid in full!" And yes, they cashed the entire check. Loan balances are ALWAYS lower than actual pay-off balances because they do not account for future interest.

YOU made a mistake, NOT Merrick Bank. More than likely you had a pending payment that did not post to your account.

You should've used the website to manage your account. Good luck on getting a refund!

to Oyugap #1548639

Oyugap , I've been reading all your replies to the consumers here . You're either one bored idiot who has nothing to do but troll PC forums or you actually are here on behalf of Merrick bank and are defending their lame *** practices !!!

In either case , no one is really caring about your opinions . Oh by the way , I have figured out that Merrick Bank must get some sort of kick back from somewhere giving out all this money they can't seem to want to collect properly , they can't seem to send out a statement and even their online BS is BS and not accurate .

But you sit here on their time and draw your check , it keeps the welfare system less tied up . Signed , A very happy customer of Merrick Bank

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