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When i first open my account with Merrick Bank I received their invoice before the card. I want to know why they were charging me a late fee when i had not even received the card.

They sent out another one which i received almost two weeks later.

I have never seen a company delay getting mail to posted accounts. When they mail you something it goes around the world twice before you receive it then when you mail in your payment it takes twice as long for them to receive it. Of course as I sure you can image this is not an issue with USPS but with Merrick bank.

All of my other providers get their payment like clock work and I never have an issue. This company is all about the scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Merrick Bank Banking Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1226541

Oh my good this same exact thing happened to me; I am in Dallas and the payment center for Merrick is in Dallas TOO ! So please tell me why the check I wrote from my Chase account and it cleared my account in 5 days yet it took TWO WEEKS for it to be credited to my merrick visa are right they are full of foolery for sure !!!!

to Anonymous #1345782

Are they legit

Troy, Michigan, United States #1201162

Thank you for saving me the time and effort of not filling out this application.

Sacramento, California, United States #1199823

Payments never post on time even if you go to western union and pay extra to have it there same day. It still takes 3 days to post to your account.

If you are close to the late date than consider payment late. Expect fees, unless you send your payment 10-14 days before it is due consider it late.

to ***ed customer #1345784

I had problems with them going to cancel card and why do you have to give them your checking account number and routing number suspicious

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