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I didnt receive a statement because they got my address wrong so I paid double the previous bill to be on the safe side. I had just moved and did not have phone service for the area and I couldnt load their website on my device so I couldn't verify amount. The payment was two dollars short. Instead of alerting me via text or email they posted the two dollar short amount and charged me a 27.00... Read more

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I have had an account with Merrick for many years now. I have never had a problem because . . . #1 - I never exceed my available credit. #2 - I never use more than 30% of my available credit. #3 - I always pay my balances off, in full, as soon as they are posted. All of the morons who have had problems, have had issues because they are *** / ignorant. Read more

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I will never get another credit card with them ever again. Their customer service was the rudest I have ever encountered!!! As soon as I finish paying them that is a wrap! Add comment

I paid them off a settlement offer and they never reported it to the credit companies as being paid off as they said they would and it is still showing in my credit report negatively Add comment

The customer service representatives aren't very helpful, a lot of them seem to have an attitude problem, they don't have much patience & they are always in a rush to get you off the phone. There are so many fees with this card it's ridiculous. I lost my card & they charged me a $15.00 fee for a replacement. Once I pay off my balance I'm closing my account. Add comment

Be aware of this bank they charge late fees even before your bill is due date. Charge you hidden fees that you don't even tell you about it on credit your account back for the money that they charged you they also love to argue with you on the phone about your account and your statements beware Add comment

I have had an account with Merrick bank for years. I get my bill in the mail every month, despite signing up for electronic invoices and I pay my bill on time every month. For several months I have been receiving emails from them stating I needed to click on the link to verify my account as they are unable to get mail delivered to my address (despite me getting the bill every month). I did not... Read more

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Accepted offer. Paid on time seven times and did not receive increase in limit as stated in the offer. Was very disappointed. Add comment

I have been a Merrick Bank customer for 5 years and have not had a credit line increase since I first got the card. I called this evening and they stated they do not take requests by phone and they do a credit report for quick checks, has nothing to do with my pay history with them they want all history and have not given any increase in 5 years. If I could find a way to pay this off I would... Read more

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I accepted a preaproved offer,and after 7 payments,they doubled my cli just as they promised!my credit has jumped from a 560 fico to a 639 fico and still climbing!They offered me a card when no one else would.The one time I called customer service they were very nice.A lot of the complainers here are self inflicted.Missed payments,accidently having payments rejected...etc...this is not the banks... Read more

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