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Merrick bank "schmoozed" me to open a credit acct. I decided to set my phone bill to autopay just to keep the acct active. This is pretty much all I ever use the card for, as I have other credit with bettr known banks. After a year, the expected autopay was on the bill, and another charge from the phone company of a similar amount. I called customer service (twice) and was appalled at the rudeness I happen to be a desktop/LAN technician for a... Read more

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Merrik bank it s one of the bull *** credit card companies.they are thieves.even ,u make arrangements with them .they dont care. Add comment

My online bank Chase sent a payment of $ 2,700 to Merrick bank instead of Capital One. I owed Merrick bank $600 which was sent as well as the same time. I noticed the mistake within 24 hours. My credit limit with Merrick bank is $1,100. I have not missed a payment since that card was opened and 85% of the time pay in full. The $600 payment left me a balance of $41. Merrick bank will not give e my $2,700 back. I have spent 4 hours with 6... Read more

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they withdraw my credit card app without telling me i hope they refund all of the 200.00 they asked for.end dont know why they withdraw they withdraw it they withdraw it they withdraw it Read more

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Company penalizes you for paying your account in full. They place a hold on posting your payment for 14 days and they use your money and don't pay you interest like they charge you for using their card! Add comment

The only problem I have with this credit card is; not applying my payment into my account until the due date,even though They receive it well over a week in advance! Also the interest rates on the purchases you make is ridiculous! Read more

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I finally was able to pay off the balance. Now they are telling me I have a 4.00 a month bill for an annual fee. Because I never remember to pay it I asked if I couold pay it in full. Of course not they want you to forget to add a late fee. I think this company does not understand the word convenience. I will be dropping this card as soon as I get my home loan. Its not worth ruining my credit over. Read more

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Merick bank has the worst consumer service, I spoke with a rep named Jackie (iD JAX) she provided horrible service I then asked to speak to her supervisor and received even worse service!! This company is based out of Utah the conservative and racist Capitol of the world! They did not help me whatsoever, I am going to pay my account off and close this credit yourself the headaches and use Capitol One Credit Cards.....Merrick prays... Read more

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I just received my bill. It was really high, so I called to find out why. They said I didn't make my payment last month, in which I told them they had not mailed it, as I keep all my statements together and it was not there. She could not have cared if her hair was on fire. So now, I have last months, this months and a late fee that costs as much as one month would have. She offered no resolution, and pretty much told to take a hike! Great way... Read more

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Never apply for a secure account. The company kept sending me emailing asking for my secured desposit. Then i send it. And they turned me down. On day they said seven to ten days. Before they send me my money back. Then when it was due they said 10-15 days. Add comment

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